Here’s how to rebrand your business! If you are thinking about rebranding or changing your business name, here are some important things to think about and plan for. I decided to change my business name after a few years of operation. Although I did not go through a complete aesthetic re-branding, there were still so many steps I needed to take:

(1:13) Be sure that YOU WANT TO DO THIS – rebranding involves a lot of time and money and you really want to think all things over.

(1:39) Choosing Your New Name – think of a name that you love, is meaningful to you. If you have names in mind, you may want to conduct initial searches for domain names, social media usernames and trademark names to ensure they are all available.

(2:43) Administrative

  • Updating/Changing Business Name and information with your government and business registration
  • Updating/Changing Business Name with your bank to ensure all funds can be deposited
  • Updating/Changing any other financial apps or websites you are using such as PayPal, Square, etc.
  • Creating your new email address, backing up old emails, and forwarding emails going to your old email to your new email
  • Update any other accounts you are with that use an old email (software, apps, memberships, etc.

(5:04) Branding

  • Re-designing a new logo and over brand style (may require a designer to help you)
  • Re-designing marketing materials such as business cards and product packaging

(6:34) Updating/Changing Social Media Accounts

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram – (7:31) ***some specific instructions on how to change your username without losing your current followers.
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

(8:49) Changing Your Website

  • This may require a whole website re-design which will take more time and money
  • Keep your OLD domain name and re-direct or forward it to your new website
  • Update your e-commerce website if you have that as well

(9:51) Some Surface Designer Related Items to Change

  • Your portfolio or any art that used your old name
  • Design and Agreement templates

(10:31) Spread the Word! Let People Know About Your New Brand!

  • Let people know via email, newsletter, social media
  • Notify existing clients, customers and do a social media blast to let old and new followers know of this exciting change!

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