Tiffany Wong Design is now Maylay Co.! I couldn’t be more excited and nervous at the same time. But, I am a believer that when you want to grow, there must be change. I am excited to grow as a designer and company and I’m grateful for everyone who has helped me get here. Please feel free to browse the new!

Why Maylay?

The decision to change my business name wasn’t a difficult one – deciding on the name was a challenge. I know I wanted something that was short and catchy, but had a meaning that was dear to me. I also wanted it to be relatable to my brand and my offerings. Encompassing all of this was the hard part. I decided on Maylay which is my Chinese name translated phonetically in English. Essentially, Maylay still means Tiffany Wong Design when you think about it! Furthermore, the Chinese character “mei” (美) means beauty which I found fitting because that is what I strive to achieve in my pattern designs and products. 

What has changed?

Aside from the name, nothing has changed from Tiffany Wong Design. As you can probably see, I have tried to preserve my original logo style and aesthetic as much as possible. I still love using soft, muted palettes and still aim to bring you fun, fresh, feel-good designs. I have a re-designed website and portfolio for my surface pattern designs and licensing work. My social media profiles will be the same, except you can find me using my new Instagram ( and Facebook (@maylaycompany). My shop website where you can find all my Foodie Collection products can be found at

What To Look Forward To

Like I said before, with change there is growth. So, that is what you can look forward to with Maylay. In regards to my surface design patterns, stay updated with all of my new artwork and patterns that are always available for licensing. I have curated my portfolio to offer you my best work and a more efficient viewing experience. I love collaborating with wonderful companies to develop products so please reach out if you if you are interested!

Shop Maylay is where you can find my own personal collection of products. Currently, you can get your hands on my specialty Foodie Collection – fun, food-themed home and kitchen, stationery and baby products! Stay tuned for new collections of home and gift products in more traditional Maylay patterns to be added to the shop. I can’t wait!

Thank You

To my clients, collaborators, fellow surface designers, friends and supporters: thank you for joining me in this new journey. I look forward to what’s to come and the relationships I will continue to build.