Are you thinking about selling your own products? I wanted to have a discussion about manufacturing vs print on demand. Moreover, I wanted to give you the reasons why I decided to produce and ship my own products. In this video I discuss:

  • The pros of using a print on demand company that also drop ships for you.
  • The reasons why I decided to take the route of producing and shipping my own products. I had previously tried using a print on demand company but found that for my needs, it was best to source my own manufacturers.
    1. The pricing and cost of products would not be favourable for in-person markets and wholesale.
    2. I wanted to have full control of the packaging and branding of the products
    3. I wanted to be sure of the quality of products and know what was being sent out to my customers
    4. Learning everything hands-on gave me invaluable knowledge and experience.
  • Whichever route you choose, it WILL NOT be easy and there is a lot to consider.

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