So, you want to start selling at craft markets? I am giving you some tips on how to plan for it because there is quite a lot involved. Here are the things you should consider:

  1. Attend the market as a visitor beforehand – See if this market is a good fit for you and your products.
  2. Your Products – ensure you have enough physical products to sell with a good variety to offer.
  3. Booth Specifications and Setup – make sure you know all the policies, rules, and specifications of that particular market.
  4. Overall Booth Look and Style РConsider what you want  your overall booth to look like. Imagine it like a retail store.
  5. Displaying Your Products – plan out how you want you to display your products and coordinate your table space.
  6. Inventory – How much inventory should you bring?
  7. Marketing Materials – Be sure to have business cards, postcards, social media information, email lists, and anything that will help to spread your name and products.
  8. Payments – look into a payment system that accepts debit and credit card. Square is a popular choice and works perfect for my business.
  9. Packaging – depending on your products you may need to bring bags, boxes, tissue and other wrapping and packaging materials when customers make a purchase.
  10. Transporting Your Booth – there is a lot of stuff to bring to the market when setting up your booth. Be sure you have a way to transport everything easily.
  11. Some Covid Safety Tips – some extra trips to be safe and cautious.
  12. Be Prepared to Do More Than One Market – the experience of selling at craft markets gets better and easier the more you do. You will start to build up your company’s name and brand.

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